1. '…and then she whispered in my ear you were born to die free'

    from the title track to our New EP: Born to Die Free

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  3. 'i pledge allegiance to know man
    get right to who i am
    illusions tempt me
    im confused but despite them
    her light n my flame reunite
    i wanna lay down
    n take off all your rights’

    ~Born to Die Free

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  4. Losing My Mind' (off the EP: Born to Die Free)
    outta ma head
    soarin wild
    thru the skies
    like the lightning
    shooting outta my heart
    n burning your eyes
    whats with the disguise
    its beneath the slight of your compromise
    beyond the sight of the lies
    i’m losing my mind…


  5. 'We gain freedom when we have paid the full price.'
    ~Rabindranath Tagore

    During the time in which this music was created, I’ve had ‘freedom’ on my mind. Kinda dominates my present experience…this yearning if you will…a quenchless thirst.

    And it’s had me kicking around this self-imposed ‘koan’, that if I am to truly experience absolute freedom, would I even continue to exist? Or is it only possible with the metaphorical death of all things I relate and cling to as me?

    Well i’ll be fucked if I know…but it sure as shit spawns some good music. ;)

    may your ears be tickled and your soul soothed.

    in joy…ian


  6. Alone


    Enjoy our new single here: Alone: the BEAUTIFUL conspiracy

    There’s something I find particularly enchanting about this song. It’s both vulnerable and honest, filled with longing, and yet searching for stillness.

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  7. 'I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.'
    ~Henry David Thoreau

    Our first track of our new EP: Born to Die Free

    Listen/purchase: Alone by the Beautiful Conspiracy

  8. …burning out to shine 
    Losing øur minds 
    Sipping drunk on wine 
    Oh baby one last time 
    to Die 
    Now leave the moment behind 
    Jump back 
    and freeze the moment rewind

    -Joy Ride

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  10. 'The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.'

    ~Mark Twain

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  11. 'The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman we love.'

    ~Jean de la Bruyere 

    ((songs for my muse))

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  12. 'Music is a safe kind of high.'
    ~Jimi Hendrix

  13. First things first…

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  14. 'If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were.'
    ~Khalil Gibran

    a mixtape by the Beautiful Conspiracy


    It’s been just over 4 months since we released our latest EP: Awake After Midnight. I know that personally this process has evoked a healthy array of experiences and emotions. Inspiring, humbling, and surprisingly raw. Authentic, vulnerable, and exposed.

    Writing is both a deeply personal and poetic process for me. It’s something I’ve always done, but rarely shared. Many times it acts as a catharsis- the place I go to process and create movement around the emotions that I experience as particularly heavy or sticky. It acts as an outlet for the internal dialogue and inquisition I have with my own life. It also serves as the altar for the expression of my inner romantic, the sensual lover in me, and such cooing has been reserved for my beloveds’ eyes and ears alone.

    So taking what I have always kept very privately, and translating it to music and song…allowing people to both enjoy and dislike, to applaud and critique…

    I think Erykah Badu summed it up best.

    'Now keep in mind that I'm an artist…and I'm sensitive about my shit!' ;)

    As challenging as it can feel and as sensitive and dramatic as it can seem, it’s been a very healthy opportunity for my own personal growth and expansion. A journey to discover what truly lies beyond my own resistance and fears, beyond the need for approval and praise. Losing the need to be ‘in control’ of how life shows up for me, and what people might think of my choices and expression…in turn allowing life to grace me with what I most need to experience for my own benefit…as it’s perfectly designed to do…if I would just…let go.

    …to let life be the music, and the music be life…

    ⭐️ Onward We Ride ⭐️ 
    ~ ian

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